eBook | Direct-to-consumer: The emotional and transactional shortcut to your consumers

Published on 17/07/2020

While social distancing remains the norm and COVID-19 has sometimes distended the links with customers, JIN proposes to reconnect with them through Direct To Consumer.

Without going through traditional distribution, Direct to Consumer is not only a change of channel, but also a change in customer relationship culture, offering a real emotional and transactional shortcut. This is the recipe for success for new brands such as Casper, Le Slip Français, Dollar Shave Club, the good health of Nike and the rejuvenation of Heinz in the UK.

In the face of the global coronavirus pandemic, consumer behavior has been drastically transformed: a return to essential products, of course, but also an acceleration of digital uses in line with the new rules of mobility and social distancing.

This search for trust and proximity has had a lasting impact on consumers' relationships with brands and businesses. According to Kantar, spending in supermarkets and convenience stores has increased by 25% and 59% respectively, compared to a 4% drop in spending in hypermarkets. E-commerce has been democratized: in the first week of the lock-in, 1.2 million additional households tried it, including nearly 500,000 retirees. Consumers, older and more affluent who had never gone digital before.

80% of consumers consider that traditional brands must launch their D2C model to survive and adapt.

Survey OpinionWay for Capgemini Invent and La Poste – February 2019
eBook : Direct-to-consumer
Create an emotional and transactional shortcut with your consumers.
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